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  The easiest way to describe the musical style of Turner Templeton is Electric Americana. This two man band from western Maine sounds more like a four piece due to the rhythmic trickery of Tom Stevens. He stomps a wooden box with his right foot creating a bass drum sound while countering it with a tambourine on his left. He finger picks an electric baritone guitar adding bass lines and rhythm in a "Boom-Chicka" kind of "Hoe Down" fashion. Harmonica on top of that along with unique vocals make up Tom's half of the Turner Templeton groove. Joe Hodgkins then adds a higher, enriching layer of lead and rhythm guitar. With a variety of analog effects, precise playing and fluid vocals Joe really rounds out the sound and style of Turner Templeton.  In the end the duo brings together influences of rock n' roll, blues, country, jazz, folk and bluegrass, creating an organic style of electrified Americana, with some reggae thrown in for good measure.  What you'll hear at a live show is catchy originals and covers ranging from John Coltrane to Nine Inch Nails all articulated with the intimate sound of a focused duo who have been playing together for years.