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  Turner Templeton fuses influences of rock n roll, blues, country, jazz, folk and bluegrass creating an organic and electrified style of American music.

  This two man band from western Maine sounds more like a four piece due to the, "Boom Chicka", rhythmic trickery of Tom Stevens. He stomps a wooden box with his right foot creating a bass drum sound, countering it with a tambourine on his left while finger picking bass lines and rhythm chords on the baritone guitar.   Add harmonica on top of that along with unique vocals and u get Tom's half of the Turner Templeton groove. Joe Hodgkins brings a higher, enriching layer of lead and rhythm guitar. With a variety of analog effects, precise playing and fluid vocals Joe really rounds out the sound and style of Turner Templeton. What you'll hear at a live show is catchy originals and covers ranging from John Coltrane to Nine Inch Nails all articulated with the intimate sound of a focused duo who have been playing together for years.